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Get Results of Labs or Other Tests

All lab tests must be ordered by a physician, thus you will need an appointment with your Provider to get any lab test ordered. Results will be sent to your Portal, and you can view them online. They can take anywhere from 2-7 days depending on the test being ordered (some even longer). When we receive your results, they will be uploaded to the Patient Portal with comments from your Provider for your viewing. If your Provider finds something abnormal and action needs to be taken, you will be contacted directly by your Provider or one of our staff to discuss your results.


If you call the office during normal business hours to discuss your results with a member of our nursing staff:

  • Be prepared to leave a message for the nurse to call you back.
  • Call-backs will not be made while patients are waiting to be seen in the office.
  • You may also schedule an appointment with your physician to discuss results.
  • Physicians are generally not available to discuss lab results over the phone.


Request Refills of Medications
Refills on medications should only be requested during your appointment with your Provider. Please check your refills before you come to see us, and confirm you will have enough medication to last until your NEXT appointment.

An appointment is required for ALL Controlled Substances. Refills on these medications will need to be handled in person with your Provider. Prescriptions that are lost, stolen, or destroyed will not be replaced.


Request a New Medication
Any new medication prescription will require an office visit with a Physician. Please call the office to inquire.


Are You Sick? Want an Antibiotic?
In general, our Physicians do not prescribe antibiotics without an office visit. Most respiratory infections are self-limited and will not be helped by taking antibiotics. Overuse of antibiotics leads to the development of resistant bacteria, which can make subsequent infections harder to treat.

If you are feeling sick, please call the office if you would like to schedule an appointment or you can make an appointment online at


After-Hours Assistance
We always have a Physician on-call when the office is closed. If you have an urgent problem and would like to reach a Physician on-call, please keep in mind the following information:

  • Routine medication refills will not be completed after-hours.
  • Refills of controlled substances will not be completed after hours. No exceptions.
  • Appointments cannot be scheduled or canceled after business hours. You will need to contact the office during normal business hours, or you can do this through the Patient Portal-
  • If you are having a life-threatening medical emergency, you need to call 911 or go to the nearest emergency medical facility.
  • To reach the on-call Physician, call our main office number and follow the instructions provided.


Billing Questions
Please send questions through the Patient Portal ( to coordinate billing issues with your insurance company.

Lab companies also are responsible for billing your insurance company for lab tests that are done through our office. Check your bill to see if it is from a lab company, such as LabCorp or Sonora Quest, and if so you should contact them directly at the phone number listed on the bill.


Scheduling or Cancelling an Appointment

To schedule or cancel an appointment with us, you can:

Please be sure to cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged a cancellation fee. This helps maintain availability for same-day appointments to better serve you. We charge $75 for missed appointments.



Q: What is Phreesia?

A: Phreesia gives healthcare organizations a suite of applications to manage the patient intake process, including mobile registration. Mobile check-in allows you to complete pre-visit registration from your device (any smartphone, computer, or tablet) ahead of time and in the privacy of your home. Please look for an e-mail/text message a few days before your appointment from Phreesia, which will allow you to register for your appointment. It will also allow you to complete some of the health questions and screeners that are useful for your visit.


Q: Why is Spectrum Medical Group partnering with Phreesia?

A: Spectrum Medical Group is partnering with Phreesia to help you save time registering for your appointment. Use mobile check-in to register from any smartphone, tablet, or computer from the privacy of your own home. Checking in on your device saves you time and ensures your information is always up to date! The information you enter is private and secure and will allow our team to better care for you.


Q: Is the Phreesia system secure?

A: Yes. Phreesia provides industry-leading privacy and security for our patients’ data. They are held to the same standards as Spectrum Medical Group related to protecting your family’s information. For additional information about Phreesia’s security visit


Q: Do we need to use the new system for every appointment?

A: Yes. But once you have completed the initial registration, the next time will be much quicker because Phreesia saves your answers.


Q: Do I need to download an app to do mobile check-in?

A: No. There is no app - you simply click the link provided in the text message or email. This allows you to securely answer any registration and medical questions necessary for your appointment.


Visit our Patient Portal to:
  -Get Results of Labs or Other Tests 
  -Request Refills of Medications 
  -Billing Questions
  -Scheduling or Cancelling an Appointment
  -Communicate & ask questions to your provider
  -View records, lab results and medical history  

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